Miss Quincy and the Showdown “Bad Love” Video

A female cyborg beams down to Earth and walks into a bar… This isn’t the set-up for a joke; it’s how the video for bombastic Vancouver rock ‘n’ rollers Miss Quincy and the Showdown’s “Bad Love” begins.

The extraterrestrial stranger scans her surroundings with Terminatoresque severity, pushes away male suitors, and, with cranks of the wrist, disarms bolder men who get too touchy. After giving in to her curiosity about certain liquid beverages that are served by such an establishment, she quickly becomes the life of the party. Everyone in the house sings and dances with their arms lopped over each others shoulders; the fellas slur, “I love you, man,” more than a time or two (I’m sure); she makes out with everyone in sight: guys, girls, the bartender… At least the ‘borg cuts herself off and stumbles back to the mother ship before she has to drag herself on her first walk of shame.

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Leslie Ken Chu

Leslie Ken Chu