Spoon River “In the Parking Lots of the Swamp Museums” Video

Psychedelic Vancouver rock ‘n’ rollas Spoon River chase a baby-snatching monster in their colourful video for “In the Parking Lots of the Swamp Museum”. They jump in and out of the B-horror film poster that spawns the creature, chasing him through the forest, the beach, and the park. Spoon River turn their instruments into guns, and while they misfire a few times (they blow up a bridge and net innocent bystanders), they manage to blast him with some love vibrations. The monster grooves like he’s at the original Woodstock; he and the band hug and kiss, and he hands over the baby. With Spoon River’s mission complete, the band re-appears right where they left, returning the baby to mama safe and sound.

Spoon River’s sophomore album, The New Sun Ahhhhh Hotel, will be available on November 18 on Tonic Records.

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Leslie Ken Chu

Leslie Ken Chu