22 Jump Street: Not Your Common Sequel


Walking into the theater, I was expecting nothing less of an average comedy with a predictable plot. To be honest, my expectations weren’t that high for this film because I was under the impression that all sequels are bland. However, 22 Jump Street had me laughing all the way, my cheeks were quite tired as I was grinning, if not laughing, during the entire movie.

The plot mocks itself for being the sequel of 21 Jump Street, the whole film sarcastically revolves around this message. 22 Jump Street is lighthearted and keeps you entertained, I highly recommend it to anyone who is out looking for a few laughs.

Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) return as undercover officers disguised as students (again), in search of drug dealers (…again). The only difference is that they have graduated from their disguise as high school pupils to college students. While the plot sounds redundant and predictable, this sequel was just as, if not more, entertaining than the original! Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum still have their chemistry intact. Part of me wants them to be best friends for life.

Ice Cube also takes on his role as Captain Dickson again and does a brilliant job in bringing laughter to the audience, I found myself anticipating whenever he appeared on screen. There was also a short cameo appearance from Diplo (an American DJ and music producer)!

Bromance was a heated theme in this sequel. Schmidt and Jenko walk a rough path as they both attempt to blend in with college peers. Although the two are still the idiotic duo, Schmidt carrying the brains and Jenko taking care of heavy duty business, their relationship rang red alerts as they began to grow apart during their undercover mission. Being physically fit, Jenko bonds with a footballer and becomes popular in a frat house while Schmidt is blatantly ignored by the macho crowd. The bromantic pair runs into relationship roadblocks which are hilariously illustrated throughout the film.

22 Jump Street was a massive blend of comedy and action, a tale of two brothers and college stereotypes. The gags and jokes were creative and well put together, keeping the storyline light as the plot progressed. Many jokes were on the racist side, but the content was obviously not meant to be offensive. On a side note, Jenko had a few stunts that had an uncanny resemblance to Spider Man, of which Schmidt blatantly points out during the movie as well.

Overall, I would say the sequel sits on a fence between being on par with the original and being slightly more amusing than the original. This is definitely the funniest movie I`ve seen in 2014 (for now), it is one of those rare movies that gets you laughing and giggling from beginning till end, just like 21 Jump Street.

22 Jump Street opens Friday, June 13th in Vancouver.