A Blind Date to Remember

Tess Degenstein stars as Mimi in Blind Date at the Great Canadian Theatre Company until Dec. 17. BANKO MEDIA INC. /

In association with Spontaneous Theatre, the Arts Club brings Blind Date to the BMO Theatre Centre. Since it’s debut, this improv led show been performed over 700 times throughout North America and shows no signs of slowing down.

The fun starts at the pre-show where audience members are encouraged to arrive early and mingle. Mimi, played in this run by Tess Degenstein, is a Parisian clown who weaves her way through the crowd looking for a potential and willing suitor. On opening night this suitor is Ben, an excited newlywed who is understandably anxious to go on a date with someone other than his wife. When he is plucked out of the audience, Mimi stresses the importance of consent and establishes a safe word for herself, Ben and his spouse. Throughout the show, this safe word is used whenever someone has questions, feels uncomfortable or needs a pee break (and yes someone did need a pee break).

Ben is told to be himself but to pretend he’s single when he’s in the Blind Date world with Mimi. With this in mind, Mimi masterfully leads Ben into a fantasy world where an assortment of conversations and locations find them. The show’s success relies on a connection forming between these two strangers and Tess is sure to pull all the stops to make it happen. Her confidence crafts the show with such tact and elegance that it never feels stagnant – always keeps an element of fun and even finds time to extract nuggets of truth from her novice co-star. Although a rough storyline is involved it’s a triumph that this show has succeeded in relying on total strangers to uphold what turns into a beautiful 90-minute stage play.

This unique one-woman show has the ability to warm your heart, make you laugh and sometimes cringe. It never seeks to humiliate which is what roots it in kindness but still makes for a whole lot of laughs.

Checkout BLIND DATE this winter at the BMO Theatre Centre, shows run until December 30th.