A night of fun leads to a dark turn of events in “Death Of The Party”

“Death Of The Party” is a film that revolves around a girl named Sloane who, after a night of onesies, tequila, and poker ends up finding her brother Tyler’s dead body the next day – as well as his ghost. The ghost of Tyler then asks Sloane for a very macabre request, leading to her having to deal with not only her hangover but also the unexpected death of her brother. The film wrapped production in 2019 and is releasing for the first time in Vancouver.

The film is directed by Melanie M. Jones, who has done a number of independently made short films, going as far back as 2006. Her 2007 short film “Manhood” was screened in numerous festivals throughout the United States and Canada. Writing credits for the film go to Justin Anthony Bodor, who also stars in the film as the ghost brother Tyler. Justin has three writing credits to his name prior to “Death Of The Party” which includes the short films “Schnitzel or Spaetzle”, “Soldiers of Earth”, and “Influenced”. He has also acted previously in many other short films, but has a notable minor role in the 2016 blockbuster “Star Trek Beyond”.

Also starring in the film is Annabelle McLean who plays the main character Sloane, Roberto Lanzas who plays Tyler’s physical body (which on a side note, is pretty hilarious), as well as one of the friends, and Matina Shrestha-Birtch, who plays another one of the friends. McLean also acted as producer for the film, and has previously acted in shorts such as “Choose Your Own Funeral”, as well as “Influenced”, which, as already mentioned, was written by co-star Justin Anthony Bodor. Roberto Lanzas also has quite a notable acting career which includes the TV documentary series “Secret History Of Comics”. 

“Death Of The Party” hits the Vancouver Short Film Festival next week on Saturday, January 25th at 1:30pm. Tickets can be bought at Eventbrite.ca.

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Film info: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10430472/?ref_=nm_flmg_dr_2