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A whimsical exploration of a child’s identity takes place in “A Typical Fairytale”.

A Typical Fairytale is a film that focuses on the exploration of gulfs between parent and child, taking the form of couples Sherry and Larry, whose storybook life ends with a child named Sara. Through these characters, the film explores this child’s personal identity and how Sherry and Larry react to this realization through a narrative expressed in rhyme, whimsy, and verse. The film originally released in 2018, through the TELUS owned website Storyhive, and was released again in 2019 through the Vancouver Queer Film Festival, as well as through the GeekFest Film Fest for their 7th year.

It is directed by Annette Reilly, who also produces, and stars in the film as the mother character, Shery. Annette is at this point a well-established actress, being best known for her role as Diana Spellman in the NETFLIX original series “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”. This is, however, the 3rd film that she has directed, as she has previously had experience directing short films such as “We’ll Meet Again” and “Bravery” and is set to direct a future film titled “An Undeniable Fact”. Details of release for this upcoming film are currently unknown. 

The writer of this film is Jessica McLeod who prior to A Typical Fairytale has written for a TV series called “Almost Actors”, as well as the short film “A Blast from Our Teenage Pasts”. Also starring in the film is Brendan Taylor who plays the father character Larry, and Ameko Eks Mass Carroll who plays the couple’s child, Sara. Brendan at this point has worked on shows such as “Supernatural” and “Battlestar Galactica”, as a set dresser, but has had experience acting in several major shows beforehand such as “Fargo”. Ameko, on the other hand, has also had prior experience in acting, but with much smaller films such as “Russell Madness” and “Angels Crest”. The film also utilizes narration from Mike Klemak, who has also acted minor roles in big shows such as “Arrow” and “The 100”.

Annette Reilly pitched the film to Storyhive on March 19th, 2018 through a video where she detailed the basic premise of the film and stated what the approach of the film would be. She has said that the film would take a classic fairytale style, but involve a modern twist, and has also described the film as “Disney meets Yaletown”. More often than not, this topic would usually be represented in a very serious manner on film, so it is admittedly refreshing to see a light-hearted, Disney-esque take on the topic, with a rather colourful and fantastical look on what a person’s identity is.

It’s a film that takes a familiar concept and theme and uses it in a unique and interesting way. It’s something to check out next week at the Vancouver Short Film Festival next week, where it will release on Sunday January 26th at 7:30pm at the Vancity Theatre. Tickets can be bought at Eventbrite.ca.

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Film trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPAT_JREVx8
Annette Reilly Storyhive pitch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryOA_xuMq1A