Alicia Keys is back after four years with new single “In Common”

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys has returned with the release of a brand new single “In Common” after a four-year hiatus.

Written by Alicia Keys, Illangelo, Tayla Parks, Billy Walsh and produced by Illangelo, the longtime Grammy-Award winning producer of The Weeknd, “In Common” brings back Latin inspired grooves in this summer jam.

“We all have our issues, our challenges,” Alicia explains. “We are all kind of messed up and that’s all right. In fact, that’s what helps us understand each other. To me, that is what’s so beautiful.”

Alicia’s upcoming new album reflects her roots in NYC and hip-hop culture while blending her perspective of the raw humanity of the world and who she is today as an activist, woman and artist.

Give it a listen here: