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Alvvays and Frankie Rose put on a good old fashioned indie-pop show

Alvvays and Frankie Rose, The Commodore Ballroom, 4/4/18

Toronto band Alvvays brought every Vancouver hipster out to The Commodore Ballroom on April 4th. Blundstones, high waisted mom jeans and Harry Potter glasses were out in full force. Feeling right at home, Alvvays and opener Frankie Rose put on a super hip, indie pop show that even teetered into the zone of punk.

Alvvays is currently touring their new album Antisococialites, which was released last September. Alvvays has been working steadily and consistently since their debut album, Alvvays came out in 2014. The album is heavy with break-up songs and perfectly captures every mood and emotion of the heart-crushing realization “now that you’re not my baby anymore.”

It is easy to tell the band is composed of a tight knit group of friends. Lead vocalist and guitarist Molly Rankin grew up writing music with her neighbour, keyboardist Kerri MacLellan. She later met guitarist and partner Alec O’Hanley at a concert in her teen years. The indie/dream-pop sounds of Alvvays are starkly different to the Celtic folk that Rankin grew up playing music in The Rankin Family.

Rankin put on a badass punky show that even the most hipster of hipsters were not expecting. She played a pretty even 50/50 split between songs from Antisocialites and Alvvays.  “Lollipop (Ode to Jim)”  and “Not My Baby” got particularly rowdy and Rankin threw herself on the stage and started shredding guitar while laying on her back. Rankin is the shortest member of her very gangly band and she was very aware of the “little short people” in the crowd, saying “if you are a little short person please come to front and if you are tall person please look out for the little people.” Then Molly whipped out the greatest proposal song of all time, “Archie, Marry me” and everyone weeped. 

After a full show of Alvvays playing pretty much everything from both albums, they came back on stage for an encore. They broke into “Next of Kin” and it was the perfect send-off to a good old fashioned indie show.