Aurora spellbinds Vancouver with her supernatural power of music

Aurora with Talos at the Commodore Ballroom 2/13/19

Timbre Concerts

Shivers run up and down your spine. Goosebumps prickle on your skin. Eyes are fixated, breath slows, attention is fixed and mind is clear. The fans stood transfixed, lost in time and feeling as Aurora opener Talos mesmerized the crowd at the Commodore Ballroom on Wednesday.

Irish natives, Talos, performed an impossible act of hypnotizing a chatty Vancouver crowd. Lead vocalist, Eoin French’s enchanting voice is not just heard, it is absorbed into your skin, felt in every part of your body and then sinks further deep into your soul– where it sits still holding a warm presence. The ambient synths in combination with French’s heart wrenching, whispering voice creates the most delicate storm.  As they played their last song and left the stage the audience slowly came to and stumbled out of their trance.

A sense of magic hung in the air, anticipation of Norwegian singer Aurora built in the Commodore. Emerging out from the mist sprung the mightiest pixie, Aurora. She dove in straight away with “Churchyard” and after that a true supernatural experience began. Aurora cannot possibly be from this world – her tiny physical body does not seem to be a big enough cage for her spirit. She is intensely powerful when she sings, yet sweetly vulnerable when she speaks. She has the cutest stage banter and the love that she has for her fans just pours out of her. She played a large variety of her discography and every song had the same passion as its predecessor. As she danced from song to song she paused for a moment to say, “to be honest this is the most fun I have ever had in my whole life.”

At the end of her set she looked out onto the crowd and said: “It is remarkable that we have become a little family and it makes me feel very happy. It makes me feel like there is a lot of hope in safe places like this. I really hope we all find a safe place in this world, because we all deserve it.”

The being that is Aurora could be part alien or part angel but she is wholly is magic. Aurora showed Vancouver that music has a powerful force that cannot be understood by human consciousness and can only really be understood and felt by the soul.