Bahamas Casts Spells at the Orpheum Theatre

Photo by Jennifer McInnis
Photo by Jennifer McInnis

On Remembrance Day, Bahamas played a medley of rhythmic and lulling tunes at downtown Vancouver’s Orpheum Theatre. The night was one to remember. Take it from the guy behind me who said it best: “Their records are good, but this concert killed me.”

Bahamas, real name Afie Jurvanen, opened the concert with the popular hit, “Lost in the Light”. Throughout the show, there was a theme of nonchalance. Everything from Afie’s guitar-playing to the ease at which his background vocalist, Felicity Williams, spilled impressive notes into the air, to the simple yet cohesive lighting scheme, made for a cozy evening.

Behind the band were rows of light bulbs that pulsed in harmony with the beat of the songs. This insulation, along with smoke and stage lights, set the ambiance. About midway through the show, the rest of the band left the stage, and a spotlight shone on Alfie. Before singing his first solo song, “Must Be in a Good Place Now”, he opened up more to the audience, speaking about how the song reminds him of his young daughter. He continued to be personable throughout the show, responding to any fans yelling out “I love you”s and song requests. He mentioned that he liked that we were seated, claiming that he felt “in control.” At one point, someone yelled, “You’re killing it!” to which Alfie replied playfully, “I think so too!” The continuous back-and-forths between Alfie and the audience made the concert feel intimate, connected, and relaxed as everyone settled into enjoying not only the music but also the personality on stage.

Near the end, Bahamas played “Never Again”. The pulse of the drums cast a spell over the audience as a collective nodding of heads took over.

At the end of the show, Afie gave his last heartfelt remark: “I know I’m saying thanks a lot, but I really am grateful”. The couple beside me was grateful too; I overheard them talk about coming up from Nashville and how it was “definitely worth it.” I left the theatre feeling connected to the many other concertgoers, and as I walked down the street, I heard humming from those around me. Vancouver was buzzing with the sound of Bahamas.

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