Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino speaks out in op-ed on sexual assault and finding her voice within the #MeToo movement

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Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino reflects on the #MeToo movement, the unveiling of the rampant abuse at the hands of men in power, and her personal experiences of sexual assault and harassment in an op-ed piece featured in Billboard magazine. Cosentino poignantly poses the question many of us are thinking on a daily basis, “how did we get here?”

Why it matters: Aside from the many reasons that have been clearly pointed out through the #MeToo movement and the scores of women’s marches and protests throughout the world —  Cosentino’s op-ed powerfully opens up an important discussion that should be furthered here in Canada about the horrific treatment of women in the entertainment and music industry.  

Standout quotes from Cosentino’s Billboard piece:

I’m a woman who works in an industry that clumps all women together and treats us like we’re a “genre.”
I am a woman who was harassed and assaulted by a man she employed, only to be told his “bad behavior” was just “who he was” or something he did when he “got too drunk.”
As a female in the entertainment industry, I will tell you this, sexism is rampant and it is terrifying. I see it every single day when I’m on tour. Whether it’s in the form of a condescending tone from a house sound guy who is talking down to me for asking a question as simple as “can I get more of my vocal in my monitor?” Or a security guard that is asking to see my credentials after he just let my male counter part through the backstage, no questions asked. Women in every industry, even women without jobs, are reminded every single day that they are women, and are therefore somehow lesser than.

Go deeper by reading Cosentino’s op-ed along with this piece about the music industry in Huff Post, and the latest on the Weinstein investigation by the Associated Press.

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