Best Metal Albums of 2013

Abandon All Life


1. Nails – Abandon All Life

March 28 on Southern Lord Recordings
California, USA

Abandon All Life starts off nice and ‘slow’ with “In Exodus”, with a good twenty seconds of chugging before it throws it all out the window and starts crushing skulls. “Tyrant” (0:42) keeps it floored. Before you know it, you’re in “God’s Cold Hands” and you realize this is the pace we’ll be maintaining for pretty much the whole album. Thank dog this whole thing only lasts seventeen minutes. That’s right… and it’s their longest release. Gotta love it. “Wide Open Wound” pumps the brakes a wee bit, but only to accentuate how fucking gigantic the main riff is. “Suum Cuique” will stick out for me as some of the heaviest metal ever made. This album is all gold. It does everything right – the devastating, slow chugs which make you feel like you’re banging a bobblehead-sized head when you’re banging your head. I refuse to polish that last sentence. The full-throttle bits are pure flame-throwing frenzy; try not to squint during “Cry Wolf”. The production is so prickly it’ll make you cough; Kurt Ballou’s got his fingers all over this. Fucking. Nails. Dig in.

Our Best Albums of 2013 playlist on page 1 includes “Suum Cuique”, but Abandon All Life is best experienced in its entirety and at maximum volume.


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