Best Metal Albums of 2013

More Heavy Hitters

We just couldn’t cram enough heaviness in our Best Metal Albums of 2013 list. Note that these aren’t necessarily our eleven-to-twenty metal picks, just ten more wicked, heavy albums – in no particular order – which are worth checking out.

You’ll find us straying slightly from the metal path with some of these picks (e.g., rock, industrial), but don’t worry, they’re there for a reason.


The MigrationScale The Summit – The Migration

June 11 on Prosthetic Records
Houston, Texas, USA

Highly technical, upbeat prog. Look at all the pretty colours.








VesselAbriosis – Vessel EP (review)

February 1 on Shitknife Records
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

First-class progressive, tech-death. Kiss your ass goodbye.








The Circle and the Blue DoorPurson – The Circle and the Blue Door

April 29 on Metal Blade Records / Rise Above Records
London, England

Psychedelic, stoned, classic prog-rock/metal. Inhale and throw your carriage keys in the bowl.








Heart of OakAnciients – Heart of Oak (deluxe)

April 16 on Season of Mist
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Riffy, psych-tinged heavy metal. Bang. Your. Head.








Silver TongueLight Bearer – Silver Tongue (part two of the “Æsahættr Tetralogy”)

February 8 on Halo of Flies
London, England

Atheist/anti-theist, feminist, progressive doom. Yes, seriously. It’s kind of terrifying.








Earth+Rocker+ClutchEarthRocker604x604 (400x400)Clutch – Earth Rocker

March 15 on Weathermaker Music
Maryland, USA

Bluesy, boozy, bearded rock’n’fuckin’roll. Get in the car and squeal them tires.








Sky BurialInter Arma – Sky Burial

March 19 on Relapse Records
Richmond, Virginia, USA

Enormous, sludgy, psychedelic doom. It’s a long way down so you might as well stop screaming.








I Versus the GlacierClamfight – I Versus the Glacier

January 22 on The Maple Forum
Westmont, New Jersey, USA

Big, fat, hairy, doomy stoner-fuzz. You can’t beat a glacier, so stop trying and just enjoy the crush.







Women & ChildrenAuthor & Punisher – Women & Children

June 11 on Seventh Rule Recordings
San Diego, California, USA

Experimental, industrial, electronic doom. The sound inside the braincase of a depressed, psychotic robot.








ZolleZolle – Zolle

May 13 on Supernatural Cat
Bruzzelle, Italy

Fuzzy, experimental, riff-packed, vocal-less heavy metal. Warning: May lead to neck-injuring fun and impromptu exclamations of “Fuuuck yeeeaaahhh!”








Well, that’s it! Thanks for reading, everybody. We wish you all the best for 2014.

Happy Metal Year!


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