Best Metal Albums of 2013



8. Revocation – Revocation

August 5 on Relapse Records
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

This will surely be the most pleasing pick for “classic” metal fans that worship the almighty Shred. Co-founding guitarist and vocalist David Davidson developed his guitar techniques while studying at Berklee, and even though Revocation is a very rhythm-driven group, his lead work is superb and fits perfectly in the small pockets left between the rhythmic assaults. Revocation kicks off with a classic, evil-feeling thrash intro and quickly morphs into a wild, frantic pummel of a tune that’s true to its title, “The Hive”. What follows is a double-kick-filled, fast-paced, technical thrashfest. “Invidious” is the best snapshot of what this album offers – malevolent build-ups, pounding percussion, razor-sharp thrash riffs, sprawling leads, spit-soaked vocals – and a banjo! Not to mention a short and sweet atomic breakdown to cap everything off. Crushing. If your brain wasn’t already sweating after “Invidious”, the aptly titled “Spastic” is sure to do the trick. The vocal-less track highlights all members’ instrumental proficiencies and manages to seamlessly switch gears four, five times in under four minutes. Revocation provides top-notch tunes for all metallic tastes. Get into it.