Best Metal Albums of 2013

Concrete Sustain


6. Batillus – Concrete Sustain

March 19 on Seventh Rule Recordings
Brooklyn, New York, USA

Industrial doom-metal outfit Batillus released a fuzzy, bristly bunch of tunes with Concrete Sustain. “Concrete”, due in part to its creepy video, sets a dark, dangerous tone early on, like an anxious walk through a scummy part of a dark city you’ve never explored before; “Through veins of infinite / Sustain and dominate / With concrete”. “Beset” gets you on the doom nod, sick and hazy and in a bad place but too damn tired to move a muscle. “Mirrors” relies on large pillars of riff and sub-basement torture ambience. “Rust” taps back into the sooty chug and faster pace of “Concrete”, and injects more hot, black oil in this monster to keep it rolling. Album closer “Thorns” is your final destination and, as the doomiest of all numbers, buries you peacefully. You’ll need a shower after Concrete Sustain. And it’ll sting.