Best Metal Albums of 2013

Dragged Down a Dead End Path


3. Call of the Void – Dragged Down a Dead End Path

March 19 on Relapse Records
Colorado, USA

Colorado grind-tinged, crusty sludge monsters Call of the Void deliver one of the most consistently heavy-hitting metal efforts of the year with Dragged Down a Dead End Path. Things get just plain bananas by the time “Bottom Feeder” rolls around and screeches through you. This tune slips and slides and somehow manages to slow down by the time the one-minute mark hits, at which point throat-ripping repetitions of the song title pound you to a pulp. The “No way out” finish to “Endless Ritual Abuse” provides a rickety, flaming bridge to the lean (2:39) and mean “Abomination”, another album highlight, with its perfect mix of riffs, tempo switches, and brutality. Side A of this piece is clearly stronger, but that doesn’t mean side B won’t manhandle you properly. Vancouver bangers will be able to check these guys out on January 31 at 333. Don’t miss out on what’s sure to be a bloody, bruise-inflicting performance.