Best Metal Albums of 2013

The Bat, the Wheel and the Long Road to Nowhere


2. Zatokrev – The Bat, the Wheel and the Long Road to Nowhere

January 8 on Candlelight USA
Basel, Switzerland

I’m very tempted to walk into a coffee shop or clothing store and just start screaming “Mediuuuuuuuum!” when they ask me what size I would like. I will hold back… for now – unlike “Medium”, which pulls you from the depths with a minute left and screams your skin right off. Zatokrev are in no rush with The Bat, the Wheel and a Long Road to Nowhere, which actually came out in late 2012 overseas but was officially released in North America in January. This thing was recorded by Serge Morattel at the Rec Studio (Geneva), and mixed, mastered, and co-produced by Raphaël Bovey, the drummer from Kruger, which sheds some light on why the percussion stands out so much on this album. Mood is the head of the musical family here; Heavy and Doom round out the unholy trinity. The nine pieces on this album are all immense in their own right, but together combine for a huge expanse of aggressive gloom. The Bat goes on for miles and miles.