Best Music Videos of 2013

One thing I realized while watching hundreds of music videos this year, was how much better a lot of them were than full-length feature films. It’s amazing how far and deep you can go in a four minute clip, with the right videography, art, and music.

I got together with some fellow music friends a few weeks ago and we went through many, many a dozen videos, some golden, some less so, all of which came out in 2013. Thanks to Katy Schiller, Adam Clark, “Charlie” Gibson, and Dean Acheson for their helpful eyes and ears. Through a highly unscientific and substance-filtered voting process, we viewed, vocalized violently, and finally, voted. We give you – the ten best music videos of 2013. Enjoy!


10. Cut Copy “Free Your Mind”

Let Alexander Skarsgård take you on a tour of the facilities. Play some imaginary hoop with Santa Claus! Achieve a Zen state with some pitbull meditation! Whatever the hell these people are trying to achieve in this place, I get the feeling that none of them have come close to it yet. If they had, they’d be running from the place, naked as a jaybird. Maybe I’m just not heeding the song title’s request; perhaps I’m being too hasty in my judgment. Perhaps I need more time in the baptismal chlorine pool. Perhaps.

released October 10, 2013

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Director: Christopher Hill
Album: Free Your Mind (November 1, 2013)