Best Music Videos of 2013

1. Aidan Knight “A Mirror”

Our favourite of the year is BC boy Aidan Knight’s video for “A Mirror”, which on the surface tells the sweet story of a well-off old man and his new caretaker. He is cold at first, but warms up to the young beautiful woman who makes every effort to make him comfortable. As we peek into their lives, we see the arrangement blossom into genuine friendship, and glimpse tender, intimate moments of laughter and longing. The song’s pauses prompt us to reflect for an instant, on the agelessness of love, what matters at the end of it all, and just how fleeting our lives are. Just watch it before I start crying, okay? Jeez.

released September 16, 2013

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Director: Natalie Rae Robinson
Album: Small Reveal (October 23, 2012)