Best Music Videos of 2013

7. FIDLAR “Cocaine”

I figured the judging panel would have a healthy chuckle at this video, and then we’d move on, but apparently not. Apparently, the panel is a big fan of penis, Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation), beer, FIDLAR, cocaine, and of course, penis. There’s a lot of magic in this three-and-a-half minutes. Combine one of the breakout bands of the year, with one of North America’s favourite new comedic talents, and one of our favourite pastimes – getting right blitzed – and you really can’t miss. I destroyed a pair of shoes in the pit when they played this song at The Biltmore. Worth it. I guess it’s no surprise this is on the list. Fun fact: the band spent pretty much their entire $2,000 budget on that prosthetic lizard.

released July 28, 2013

Los Angeles, California, USA
Director/Camera/Editor: Ryan Baxley
Album: FIDLAR (January 22, 2013)