Best Music Videos of 2013

4. John Grant “GMF”

I’ve somehow gone years without hearing about John Grant. My first exposure was his excellent new album, Pale Green Ghosts, which is out now and worthy of endless spins. Grant’s words are both beautiful and painful in their honesty, and absolutely masterful in their quirkiness and humour. “Half of the time I think I’m in some movie / I play the underdog of course / I wonder who they’ll get to play me / Maybe they could dig up Richard Burton’s corpse.” Combine his music with Luscombe’s casual directorial approach, and you get an interesting portrayal (or at least a convincing version) of John Grant, the man.

released March 27, 2013

Reykjavik, Iceland
Director: Lucy Luscombe
Album: Pale Green Ghosts (March 11, 2013)