Best Music Videos of 2013

3. Moderat “Bad Kingdom”

“Bad Kingdom” stands out as one of the best tunes to come out this year. Its driving beat, wavy synths, and uneasy chorus vocal end up creating, pretty much, a perfect tune. Fittingly, one of the best videos of the year was created to accompany it. Though the images used in the video are themselves static, the pace at which they come at you, flash with the beat, and pan left to right make for a very active viewing. There’s an evident narrative here, a story of big business, murder, backroom deals, and international intrigue, but the canvas is left blank enough for you to fill in the gaps (if you so wish). However, no matter which way you perceive the story, you’re left with a big picture that seems to ask, “What have we done?”

released June 28, 2013

Berlin, Germany
Director & Production: Pfadfinderei
Album: II (August 6, 2013)