Best Vancouver Albums of 2014


Sprïng – Celebrations
Listen: “To Accuse”

Tired of shouting in people’s faces and eager to explore new musical directions, beloved post-hardcore foursome the SSRIs decided a new name was required to match the band’s growing ambitions. And so Sprïng were born. Their transformation was deft: with very little downtime after they renamed themselves, the umlaut-bearing group released their stellar first album, Celebrations, in March. (How timely.)

What exactly do Sprïng celebrate? Pure weirdness. Really, that should be “Weirdness,” with a capital “W”. Celebrations is an eleven-track-long, tunnelling, kaleidoscopic rollercoaster of psych-tinged pop. Listeners may feel themselves gliding on a zephyr of purifying harmonies and gentle acoustics before zapping through the sky – through thunder clouds and percolating lightning storms. On songs including “To Accuse” and “Loretta”, Sprïng lift listeners to blissful heights, like a soothing hot air balloon ride, before bungeeing them back towards the earth with terrifying, tailspinning breakdowns. Scintillating guitars and sudden time signature changes during these moments hint at heavy metal sensibilities – vestiges of the SSRIs.

Celebrations captures a band that has grown more confident, more cohesive, and even more adventurous. Celebrate life; ride the lightning. Sprïng has sprung.

Leslie Ken Chu

Leslie Ken Chu