Best Vancouver Albums of 2014


BESTiE – No Bad Days
Listen: “Pineapple”

There are truly no bad days when listening to BESTiE’s self-released debut album. No Bad Days is tropicool in every way; its cover art alone features a dog sporting vividly coloured summer clothes (a hat, sunglasses, and a tank top), eating an ice cream cone in front of a backdrop of doggy-patterned wallpaper. First single “Pineapple” immediately sets the mood: singer Tristan Orchard’s voice soars towards the sun, with backing vocals coo-coo-cooing like birdcalls. The sound of waves washing in on closer “Sriracha” fully transports listeners to a warmer part of the world. With up-tempo rhythms and sharp guitars (most infectious on “Fell in Love with a Stripper”), BESTiE’s No Bad Days is hip-shaking indie rock at its finest – one of the most fun albums of the year.

Leslie Ken Chu

Leslie Ken Chu