Best Vancouver Albums of 2014

dead soft

Dead Soft – Dead Soft
Kingfisher Bluez
Listen: “Phase”

Over the past few years, Dead Soft have established themselves as one of Vancouver’s hardest working bands. When they aren’t playing seemingly every house show, they’re opening for bands like Pack A.D. or Macauley Culkin’s pizza-themed Velvet Underground tribute band, the Pizza Underground. Now with a permanent drummer, the trio has honed its distorted grunge into a smoother, more calculated attack.

While Dead Soft still sound iron hot on songs like “Everything” and “Never Forever”, the band shows that it can do a whole lot more. Singer/guitarist Nathaniel Epp, bassist Keeley Rochon, and drummer Graeme McDonald slow down to deliver melodious but hard guitar-rock on “Tell Me Why”. And Epp sings more than he shouts: hear the difference between album opener “Phase” and the brasher version that appears on their self-titled 2011 EP.

Recorded at the Noise Floor Studio on Gabriola Island, where White Poppy, the Courtneys, and Weed produced some of last year’s best local releases, it’s no wonder Dead Soft sound clearer and bolder than ever without compromising any of their name-making thrust.

Leslie Ken Chu

Leslie Ken Chu