Best Vancouver Albums of 2014


Spesh Pep – Weird Bodied Dancers
Listen: “Dead Kid”

Spesh Pep’s 2012 Dead Kid EP is enigmatic – a nearly shapeless, rainbow-coloured entity that crabwalks and half-cartwheels into split-legged handstands in lanky, zig-zagging strides. The title of Spesh Pep’s debut LP alone, “Weird Bodied Dancers”, only strengthens any acid-soaked conceptions of the band. The album’s song titles are rather straightforward: “Don’t Know Where”, “Lovin’ Life”, and “Almost There” don’t quite pop the way Dead Kid‘s “As I’m Scraping My Brains off the Pavement” or “All of Your White Lies Exposed to the White Light” do. But musically, Weird Bodied Dancers is just as mind-bending as its predecessor; its spirit is equally jubilant and life-affirming. Get twisted. Give weirdness a chance.

Leslie Ken Chu

Leslie Ken Chu