Best Vancouver albums of 2015

Friendly ChemistFriendly Chemist – Touch of Jupiter
Listen: “Trying 2 Find U”

The title of Friendly Chemist’s Touch of Jupiter perfectly describes the album: it’s a light treading along the surface of another world – Astrogliding on the rings of Saturn. At the very least, Touch of Jupiter coasts on a higher plain.

Producer Jean Brazeau dusts his cosmic trip with genial beats and classical house elements: a vintage-sounding Rhodes keyboard melts into synthetic tones on “Trying 2 Find U”; a cool saxophone vaporizes into the slinky groove of “Visions from Yesterday (Saxy Mix)”. But for the most part, the moon-bounce levity of Touch of Jupiter‘s six heavenly house tracks propels the listener past the clouds while warm textures weave in and out of focus to provide a cushy landing. Despite Touch of Jupiter‘s ethereal quality, Friendly Chemist’s 1080p debut settles in like a natural high.

Leslie Ken Chu

Leslie Ken Chu