Best Vancouver albums of 2015

otherjesusOther Jesus – Everything Is Problematic
No Sun Recordings
Listen: “Horses”

For a band that has been learning completely on the go, including how to play their instruments, Other Jesus have made long strides over just two albums. Everything Is Problematic draws its title from a McGill Daily article of the same name that addressed the issues of radical leftist group-mentality. But the band broaches the subject with humour-injected noise-punk, screaming about dental work and food on “Bracist” and “Eggs PT One” and “Eggs PT Two”.

Perhaps Other Jesus’s intensely communal ties have helped advance guitarist Urethra Franklin, drummer and singer Tuna Turner, and bassist Foamy Bottom Eater’s learning curves. (Besides Bottom Eater having co-founded Horses Records, the band members are also at the heart of another creative hub, the Red Gate Arts Society.) Their guitars and bass are so fuzzy, they’re almost crusted over. Turner’s drums anchor the stormy chaos. Live, the band swallows an entire room like a black hole, their distortion and reverb raging in a vortex. Other Jesus play with a force that can’t be captured on record, but they come as close as possible on Everything Is Problematic.

Leslie Ken Chu

Leslie Ken Chu