Best of Vancouver Music 2013

Witch of the Waste


Witch of the Waste

Witch of the Waste released their six-track EP All Other Voices in February of this year. The challenging beast was recorded with Rain City Recorders producer Curtis Buckoll. Witch of the Waste is vocalist Ryan Fitzgerald and J.P. Dupuis’ ugly baby, and the group is rounded out by guitarist Peter Sacco, and relatively new arrivals Phil Jones (bass) and Jeremy Gilmartin (drums).

I don’t know a hell of a lot about these guys, other than they’ve received a lot of love from the Nothing Is Heavy crew, and the music they create is exciting, technical, and goddamn heavy. I caught them at The Biltmore on September 27 at Anciients’ tour kick-off, and they hit like a twenty-one rusty nail-gun salute. Fans of early Intronaut will find a lot to like here, though I definitely can’t lump them into the post-metal bin; Witch have a lot more venom and get to the point a lot quicker. Fitzgerald’s got a solid, consistent growl, and his black-tinged screeches hint that there’s a large, pissed off mutant insect under that human mask.

Sure, the song structures are complex, progressive, and technical, but not to the point that they lose you or your interest. It’s more like they grab you by the neck and hold you over the edge for a while so you can see what’s on the other side, but they always bring you right back to finish bashing your head. “Candlejack” is a good first capsule to swallow. They say they aim to be “brutally honest and aggressively abrasive” with their art; if that’s the case, All Other Voices is definitely a win. Here’s hoping they keep the momentum going on their next EP, which they’re reportedly currently working on.