Best of Vancouver Music 2013

Photo Credit: Bubba Hamilton



After being dropped by Metal Blade early in the year – a move which I find utterly baffling after the release of something as wicked as Lovelessness – BC’s brooding sons’o’bitches in Bison spent much of the year supporting some of the biggest stoner-rock/metal acts around, such as Black Cobra, Weedeater, and Vista Chino (ex-Kyuss).

Beyond that, what earns Bison a spot on our list, in particular, is their homecoming show at The Rickshaw Theatre on November 10 in support of Red Fang. It’s no secret that Bison’s built a fiercely loyal following over the years, thanks to their gritty sound which continues to evolve on each release, and their reputation for putting on a rough, rowdy show. Instead of rambling on as I usually do about how amazing and genuine Bison are live, and how they leave absolutely nothing in the tank – there I go again – let me just say that Bison could easily have headlined this show; I say this after witnessing Red Fang’s kick-ass performance. Founder and guitarist/vocalist James Farwell’s poor baby was brutally injured in a bloodthirsty frenzy after their set, but word is she’s on the mend and may just live to shred another day.

If their Rickshaw show wasn’t enough, the band threw us a big meaty bone a few weeks ago and released a new track, “1,000 Needles”, which you can grab right here. This trippy monster, which pushes the ten-minute mark, hints at many more great new things to come from these boys. Let’s hope it’s very, very soon.