Best of Vancouver Music 2013




Weed embody the DIY spirit of Vancouver’s alternative music community. Skate parks, art galleries, comic shops, living rooms, basements, garages, abandoned warehouses – if there’s a venue without a proper stage or, most importantly, an age restriction, there’s a Weed show waiting. Despite the band’s crusade against convention, however, they’ve finally found themselves within the confines of a professional studio to record their debut album Deserve (September 10, 2013 on Couple Skate Records).

But Weed’s compromises are few. They may no longer hide behind an overgrowth of distortion, but they haven’t hedged themselves unrecognizably clear. Will Anderson still sings in a fuzzy warble (most notably on Set Me Back), and bassist Hugo Noriega, drummer Bobby Siadat, and guitarist Kevin Doherty still play loudly. However, Weed’s on-record intensity finally matches that of their concrete-splitting live shows.

While many bands crumble under the financial, legal, and other logistic stresses of DIY, especially with the rampant closure of art spaces in Vancouver this past year, Weed are resilient. Thriving as they do in unconventional environments (recording studios included, in their case), the band prove they are an adaptable species and that they’re only growing. Hopefully, Weed will reproduce quickly and spread widely.