Best of Vancouver Music 2013

Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party


Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party

Now for something completely different. My first exposure to Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party was only last week, for their December 11 gig at Venue (supported by BESTiE), and I can sum up the night in one word: glitter. Set aside the heaps on heaps of glitter being thrown around by people on the floor (unfortunate for those with facial hair, such as myself), but the atmosphere itself could be described as, well, glittery.

With their poppy dance disco techno sound, onstage attire (skin-tight, gold spandex paired with red track jackets and glitter beards), and overall sunny disposition, Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party threw the best dance party I’ve been to all year. End of story.

So, if you like to dance, and don’t mind picking glitter out of your butt a week later, then I highly recommend checking this band out.