Billy Elliot Will Make You Spring With ‘Electricity’

Photo by David Cooper
Photo by David Cooper

Billy Elliot the Musical is derived from the original dance drama film, Billy Elliot (2000). After positive feedback and incredible success with the original film, Lee Hall, who also wrote the screenplay for the movie, developed the play and lyrics for this phenomenon – while Elton John composed the music to accompany this musical production.

The plot takes place during the 1980s, the story’s protagonist Billy Elliot lives in North East England where social hierarchy was strongly prevalent and his family was struggling to make ends meet during the miner’s strike in County Durham. While Billy’s father supported Billy to take boxing lessons, Billy developed great interest in ballet instead. At the time where traditions and gender roles outlined the entire culture of England and also how most middle class and lower class families struggled to earn a living, Billy’s family firmly opposed his passion for dance despite his obvious talent.

There are many morals to this inspiring story and the cast does an excellent job in delivering joy and tears to the audience. With brilliant cast members and lively choreography, this production sparkles with great success. The actors who played as the Elliot family had a lot of energy and amazing chemistry. They easily swayed the audience with joy, struggle and tears as they walk you through the process of understanding and supporting Billy to follow his passion, despite difficult times. A few scenes where quite disheartening as Billy and his family face hardships and sacrifices, but those scenes were mostly followed by comic reliefs which made the production immensely enjoyable.

Although very young in age, Nolan Fahey is excellent in portraying Billy Elliot. Fahey aces in all aspects that he presents on stage, he has incredible talent in singing and has proven himself to be very capable in ballet and tap dance as well. The choreography for “Swan Lake”, showcasing young Billy and older Billy was very beautiful and creative, it was definitely one of the highlights of the production. “Electricity” was also phenomenal, it was a captivating dance and song that leaves a lasting impression.

Billy Elliot will inspire you to take a leap for what you want, it’s electrifying.

Due to the fact that the story was based on the young Billy Elliot, many of the characters in the musical were children, hence many of the contributing actors and ballerinas were very young in age as well. However, all actors and ballerinas showcased their talent and professionalism, the entire cast was very charming and charismatic. Nathan Piasecki, who plays Billy’s friend Michael, was a champion throughout the show. Not only is he humorous, but he outshines with sass and a pinch of quirkiness.

You won’t regret watching this astounding musical as it offers more than just dance and music.

The story itself is very inspiring as it graces the topics of passion and dreams. It doesn’t only focus on Billy’s talent, it reveals what needs to be sacrificed for his family to understand and support him as well – it shows how important it is for us to try and understand and support our loved ones.