Bondax: Friday feeling at MIA

Bondax-press-photoKicking off the weekend, Bondax, the electronic duo from Lancaster, United Kingdom, came to town to perform mid-tempo sunny tunes for a packed crowd at MIA. Bondax “gave it their all” to Vancouver, a lucky city to be a stop on their North American tour, Bondax and Friends. Bondax have had a slew of hit singles since 2012 with songs like “Gold” receiving the remix treatment from artists ranging from Snakehips to Moon Boots, so that even if you don’t instantly recognize Bondax’s name, you’ve nevertheless heard the tunes they’ve done, especially if you enjoy chilled out bedroom beats with smooth harmonies and warm vocals.

It was a good Friday for some good-looking people at MIA. It was a full dance floor where bumping and pushing was par for the course in a busy space, and one of those evenings that flew by so it was 2:30 a.m. at the blink of an eye. Bondax’s opener was Karma Kid, an artist whose song “It’s Always” was the first release from their Bondax’s record label, Just Us Recordings. Sam Knowles of Karma Kid could be seen up on the stage after his set. Like Bondax, Karma Kid is a young musician with an intuitive knack for producing soulful tracks, although Karma Kid’s cuts lean towards the bass sound.

Bondax played a feel-good set with sweet melodies and silky vocals that hinted at the summer to come.

Bondax is an artist that has been compared to Disclosure for superficial reasons: they are both talented young male electronic duos from the UK that create future garage pop music for the internet and beyond. However, Bondax might be easier to read grouped with Roche Musique artists like FKJ where disco is the bottom line rather than collaborations with Lorde. Bondax’s Adam Kaye and George Townsend favoured music without vocals, be it disco or reggae. The most surprising part of the set was the trap numbers. Bondax played a feel-good set with sweet melodies and silky vocals that hinted at the summer to come.

Familiar singles from Bondax’s discography included “All I See”, a song Kaye and Townsend themselves acknowledge as one of their most commercial and sugary, although this is an honour tied with Giving It All” in this writer’s opinion. An incredibly fun set that showed off their chops, Bondax served up a good night at MIA, a venue that’s done well in terms of recent bookings. Here’s to more.