Camila Cabello inspires Vancouver to never be the same

Camila Cabello at the Orpheum, 4/9/18

When Camila Cabello announced her first headlining tour, Never Be The Same, there was noticeable interest from her fans. This was more than evident when that same tour sold out within a mere 24 hours. To no one’s surprise, Cabello performed at the Orpheum on Monday, April 9th to a tireless crowd of more than 2000 adoring fans.

The show started off with Cabello performing the tour’s namesake and her second single from her debut album, “Never Be The Same.” Her performance of “Never Be the Same” set the bar high for the rest night as she exhibited quality breath and vocal control.

It is no secret that Cabello, whom is of Latin heritage, incorporated several elements of her culture into her music. This transcended into her choreography whereby she borrowed elements of Salsa and Flamenco dance into her performances of “She Loves Control” and “Inside Out.”

After this, Cabello performed a brief dance breakdown to Dancehall track “Like Glue” by Sean Paul. It was during this time the audience truly saw Cabello exude the confidence and star quality that she has now come to be known for.

Cabello, who is a multi instrumentalist, took time out of her high intensity show to play crooning ballad, “Consequences,” on the piano. This was only after she sang a soothing cover of Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” 

She then continued into “All These Years” which saw her backup dancers perform a moving contemporary piece that brought the audience to almost dead silence as they watched in awe. However, this all changed during her performance of “Something’s Gotta Give.” Cabello explained that the meaning of the song had changed for her since she first wrote it.

“We have to choose between love and fear,” she said. “Love tells you that deserve the best. Fear tells you that it is comfortable to stay silent.” Her tour visuals, which once displayed images of Cabello, now showed images from the world’s most recent protests and socio-political demonstrations.

The message was clear and the audience cheered in agreement to the positive message that was being put forth. Phone lights went up and everyone began to sing along with Cabello. Unfortunately, once the song ended, there was a noticeable shift in the atmosphere of the venue. Noticing the enduring sadness, Cabello cracked a joke. 

“I think some of you know this next one,” she said. After a long pause, she continued: “You shouldn’t but you do.” The audience laughed in expectation of what they knew would be one of her unreleased songs. Before she started however she alerted the audience to the song’s deeper meaning.

“You that’s healed…. is going to be so much better than the you that was broken,” she said poignantly. Then came her performance of “Scar Tissue” – a song that was leaked from her album’s original repertoire.

Her song “In the Dark” was given a literal demonstration when Cabello asked the venue to turn off all the lights and for everyone to switch on their phone lights. The tour visuals then showed the audience which remained for the entirety of the song.

Before the end of the show, Cabello brought young fans on stage to sing “Real Friends.” Their excitement was infectious and was the perfect segway into ending song, “Into it.” But before leaving the stage, Cabello asked the audience to raise their fists up if they believed in the power of love and the power of music. Without hesitation, they complied.

But their arms did not stay up for long. As she left the stage, there were whispers of “Havana” from the audience – Cabello’s most successful single. They waited patiently for what they knew would be an exciting encore.

Cabello then returned to stage to perform unreleased song, “Sangria Wine,” and subsequently launched into a salsa-driven performance of “Havana” which left the crowd more than satisfied.

If anything, Cabello’s performance demonstrates why she has solidified her place as pop’s fiercest contender. The use of her platform to promote change is admirable. Meanwhile, Cabello’s messages of self empowerment and standing up for what you believe in are bound to resonate with her fanbase.