Canada seeks U.S. assistance with translating documents in Chinese spy case

VANCOUVER – A lawyer for the Canadian government says the United States should be given access to hundreds of thousands of pages of documents seized by police from a man accused of stealing American military trade secrets for China.

Stacey Repas told a B.C. Supreme Court extradition hearing that the RCMP doesn’t have the resources to translate more than 300,000 pages confiscated last year from Su Bin, an accused spy and Chinese citizen.

The United States wants to extradite the man from Canada to face trial over accusations he was the mastermind of a plot to steal confidential information from several American defence contractors.

Repas also says Canada has an international obligation to co-operate with its neighbour on issues of national security.

A Los Angeles grand jury indicted Su last August on five offences including conspiracy to steal trade secrets, conspiracy to export defence information and unauthorized computer access.

The Canadian government is attempting to revoke Su’s permanent residency status but he is appealing the decision.