Cheese tea is a fresh, eye-catching combination that will melt on your tongue

Cheese Tea Foam
Photo By: Jahaziel Martinez @jahaziel2912

Salty never looked better than this is the initial reaction for people that try cheese tea. The new drink that is on everyone’s radar recently.

This salty and sweet mixture was created at food stands in Taiwan around the year 2010 and soon gained popularity around the entire country. It was originally made with cheese powder to add a little flavour. Later iterations included cream cheese.

In no more than a couple of years, the drink gained traction in China and Asia. More specifically in countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and South Korea. Its popularity is increasing as international drink shops such as Happy Lemon and Gong Cha have started to sell it to customers. They have been responsible for introducing the drink in places such as London, New York, and San Francisco.

Cheese tea is made with a regular cup of tea topped with cream cheese. It is served in a cup and depending on the type of tea that you order it can look like a beer mug with foam on top.

Cheese is sprinkled with a little bit of salt, whip cream, and then your choice of green tea, black tea or even chocolate. At first, the taste of the cream cheese might seem too salty. However, the combination starts to make sense when the cheese mixes with the tea. The salty cream cheese lingers on your tongue and gives way to the strong tea flavour.

Chocolate Cream Cheese Tea
Photo By: Jahaziel Martinez @jahaziel2912

The popularity of boba tea which also from Taiwan, has helped to speed up the adoption of cheese tea due to the shops’ efforts to increase their sales by expanding their menu. Cheese tea can be found at many bubble tea shops around Vancouver, and you can order it with green tea, black tea, milk tea or the surprising chocolate. You also have the option to order it cold or hot.

Jahaziel Martinez

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