Come See Capital, Alice! Round Three!

“We based our first Alice way too heavily on the [Disney] movie and not enough on our own lives and on the Alice in the books,” says Griffiths.

So they edited and re-worked, added and exchanged. The staged reading of Capital, Alice! held at the Cultch on May 23 was well-attended and extremely well-received. The audience quivered with laughter, and ate up all of the hilarious parodied pop songs with anti-consumerist lyrics.

Sequins says she knew right away after doing this staged reading for the rEvolver festival that she wanted to do another one!

In the last six months the script has undergone another set of significant changes. In many ways the script and the characters have matured with the writers. When Collective Hallucination Theatre (formerly known as Lucid Dream Productions) first set out to write Capital, Alice! in 2009 they were just three students theorizing about the working world. Now they have all worked in different fields and have their own experiences and complaints to stitch into the script. Backstory has been added, characters have been filled out, and three new parodied pop covers will be included in their brand new staged reading at Heartwood Café this Saturday, December 7th 2013.

New to the Capital, Alice! crew for this staged reading is artistic director Jessica Anne Nelson and musical director Kate Monstrr, both of whom were fans of the play in it’s earlier stages and are honoured to be a part of its evolution.

Under this new direction, with new jokes, songs, and dead philosophers’ quotes, this version promises to be even funnier, catchier and wittier than the last. And what better month than December to invite people to come together, to laugh, question, revaluate, and resist certain aspects of Capitalism?

You can also be a part of the play’s evolution.

Ratnarajah says they are hoping to get one more round of feedback with this staged reading before launching a fully realized production of Capital, Alice! in 2014.