The Courtneys “Lost Boys” Video

Unless you’ve seen the Courtneys live, ‘Lost Boys’ is the first taste of new material since they topped several of last year’s best-of lists with their debut self-titled album. If you’re familiar with the 1987 film The Lost Boys, it’s obvious what this video of nearly the same name references.

Although the Courtneys trade open-top cars and sunshine for open-top carnival rides and the wonderful nocturnal glow of neon lights, their slacker spirit remains: They rarely look like they have too much fun while whirling and swinging and mowing on sugary, deep-fried eats. And the Courtneys still sing about boys; only here their points of affection are teenage vampires who’ve looked the same since 1986. Love-bitten (literally), the transformation begins: Courtneys drummer and lead vocalist Jen Twynn Payne sprouts fangs, and a mob of punk vamps and other misfit ghouls come alive in the night.

If the rest of the Courtneys’ thus far untitled new album will sound anything like “Lost Boys”, I throw myself down and say, sire me!

Leslie Ken Chu

Leslie Ken Chu