Dan Mangan Launches New Ep ‘Unmake’

dan mangan

Dan Mangan is taking the wraps off his new surprise EP, Unmake. Available today via Arts & Crafts, the EP is the Vancouver songwriter’s first solo offering since his two-timeJUNO Award winning album Oh FortuneUnmake includes new material from Mangan, a Robyn cover, and two reimagined tracks from his latest record, Club Meds. Mangan says the recording “was a really necessary cathartic experience for me. I’d been so into making ‘albums’ for so long that it seemed impossible to create music outside of that structure. In many ways, this was gratuitous play for me, just recording things because they were enjoyable.”

During the studio sessions Mangan was joined by both friends and long-time collaborators. Wintersleep’s Loel Campbell tears up the kit on “Race To The Bottom”, a song in which “various types of people have a slice of the story, but nobody has the whole story,” says Mangan. “It’s about us grasping for a better or simpler time, but it never existed. Either we’re bummed that we missed out on it, or we’re anxious that we’ll miss the moment when it does come. I’ve always been fascinated by nostalgia. I think it’s dangerous. Putting a halo on the past takes you out of the now, and it’s just not realistic. It’s fantasy.”

Check out new video for ‘Race to the Bottom’ here: