Darius brings the spirit of vacation to Fortune Sound Club

Darius_AlbumArtworkBack in May, US visa complications caused the French producer Darius to reshuffle several of his tour dates including his show in Vancouver. Terence N’guyen arrived in the city last Thursday to perform at Fortune Sound Club with local openers Killing Time and Thomas Maxey. For those unaware of the label Roche Musique, started by Cézaire (Jean Janin), N’guyen forms an integral part to the imprint’s roster as well as mission. A cohesive label known for the French Touch, Roche Musique brings house, funk, hip-hop, and disco together for a fresh wave of sound that goes beyond mere revival. N’guyen delivered the ethos of the label in spades, and he also showed what he could do as a solo artist – a lot.

The sun never set last Thursday. The spirit of vacation – girls and breezes – was the groove to the party. There was a light softness, on a whole, to Darius’s percussive rhythms; beats would captivate the senses parallel to the melody. He provided a set that was simultaneously chill and energizing. Influenced by Daft Punk, Air, and Sébastien Tellier, to name a few, these connections came across in the feeling of being transported to a clean calm. There were a few people locked by the lips. Romance is a power of Darius’s music, and it is also the title of his wonderful EP.

There was also love for his label-mates like FKJ (Vincent Fenton) when Darius played “So Much To Me”, a great last track on the Time For a Change EP. What is particularly exciting is the recent release of a mesmerizingly slick collaboration between the two, “Ô”, for the WAVE Compilation that will be out at the end of August. There was no shortage of remixes being given the Darius touch, from pop artists like MØ’s “Don’t Wanna Dance” to Jessie Ware’s “Champagne Kisses”. His remixes on producers like Crayon and the Magician were not left out of the game. The movements of “Give You Up” and “Sunlight” spread like spider chills, intense and harmonic.

N’guyen was studying graphic design in Lyon when he moved back home to focus on his music project on MySpace. How lucky it was that N’guyen pursued his passion and grew the distinctive sound that is the idea of Darius. His beautiful sounds are familiar but new, whether they are remixes or originals, and the concentrated impact of this was felt on the dance floor, and hopefully in the future to feel again.