Davidian Knows What We Want on Debut EP

artworks-000079975244-e3hhtt-originalDavidian, aka David Whitfield, the 22-year-old house producer from Nottingham, has just released his debut EP, What I Want, via the French dance music label, Kitsuné. And What I Want is your standard issue Kitsuné EP, with an original track accompanied by a couple of remix interpretations for extra padding. The EP is promising of what Davidian has to offer as a producer, whose bass elements are playfully connected to the sounds of soulful house.

“What I Want” features the vocals of Tiffani Juno, whose creamy voice glides along, fresh and lush. Davidian’s take is classic garage that pumps bass for underground vibrations. The percussion bubbles like rubber, bouncing off Juno’s warm chords. It’s a song perfect for downtime at home. Panda’s remix is a pick-me-up by comparison with a powerful piano medley that loops Juno’s vocals to a successful payoff. Clocking in at two minutes, it’s short, punchy, and cuts straight to the chase – a hair toss of an anthem to click your heels to.

To the extent that Panda’s version is sonically driven by the piano, it’s very much reminiscent of Davidian’s remix work for MØ: his take on “Don’t Wanna Dance” was just as perky and vivacious, built up again and again by the cascading strength of the piano.

London female duo Eli & Fur capitalizes on the bass in the original, giving it a molasses feel that is appealing like narcotics must be. Beginning with a hint of drum-and-bass, Eli & Fur play with the dark energy suggested in “What I Want”. Also young British producers, Eli & Fur have worked with Davidian previously on “Let Go”, a collaboration that has Eli & Fur’s dusky vocals sharing the landscape with what else but pinpointing bass and angular keys.

Asdek, a French male duo from Montpellier, experiments with spritzing waves of synths and lighter bass on their take, while Danglo magnifies and super-sizes Davidian’s track, amplifying Juno’s croon to a distorted call-back and manipulating the synths for a scorching effect.

What I Want is an exciting cut that is buoyed by the remixes, and it’ll be worth watching what else Davidian drops next