Discover Boating in Beautiful British Columbia

Photo: Jespersen Boat Builders
Photo: Jespersen Boat Builders

Discover Boating and Boating BC teamed up to facilitate a day on the water, a hands on experience to spread their passion and excitement for the sport. I spent the afternoon on a bowrider, named after it’s open bow seating area, this type of boat is particularly popular when it comes to families and sport fishing. I was grinning hard as we raced through the water; wind in my hair, seeing the lower mainland’s many neighbourhoods from a new perspective.

The rush from racing was interchanged with slower cruising that allowed me to unwind and enjoy the skyline and feel of the water. My positive nautical experience isn’t exclusive to me. Most boaters agree that being on the water decreases their overall stress levels. In an age of yoga, meditation and adult colouring books, it’s no wonder 1.6 million British Columbians are looking to boating for their relaxation needs.  

It’s easy to see B.C.’s landscape as one of genuine diversity and beauty. From the province’s mountains and hiking trails to its ocean and rivers and lakes – the opportunity for outdoor activities is enormous. But why boating?  

Well, if chasing your curiosity to explore the numerous islands and beaches near Vancouver isn’t enough of a pull; you may enjoy cruising, fishing, water sports or sightseeing. While many may think that boating is an inaccessible activity reserved only for the wealthy, the accessibility and affordability of boating is probably lower than one thinks. In fact, almost 60 percent of boaters have household incomes of 100,000 or less. 

B.C. has a variety of destinations that are ideal for boating, for example, the maze of islands that make up Barkley Sound—nestled between Ucluelet and Bamfield—provides a diverse experience of diving, fishing, kayaking and of course, cruising. Whether you’re sail boating in and around the Gulf Islands, fishing in the Fraser River, wake boarding on Lake Okanagan or swimming in Howe Sound, there is no doubt that B.C.’s diverse waterways are one of the best in the world.

Soak up the sun with some swimming, waterskiing, fishing and boating this summer.