The dizzying highs of One Man, Two Guvnors

While the first half of the show was non-stop, and maybe a little dizzying with it’s quick dialogue, physical comedy and constant mishaps or misunderstandings, the second half kind of fell flat. Although Francis directly asks the audience what they think will motivate him to continue to work for both guvnors now that his base desire to be fed has been met, the show did not do a great job of creating or maintaining the same amount of humour when Francis’s new base desire is revealed. That is, it was just such a marked drop in the level of humour and excitement that had been created in the first act. In addition, when the final scene was being performed, the crowd sees that the shy girl who was brought on stage, only to be doused with a fire extinguisher, is not really a “random” member of the audience but a part of the show. Although there is nothing wrong with pulling a fast one on the audience to elicit laughter, it just made me question all the other moments when Francis engaged with the crowd. Were all those individuals members of the cast and were those interactions scripted? Or is McNee actually a talented actor and comedian who could maintain his performance while expertly involving the crowd?

One Man,Two Guvnors is playing at the Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage until February 22.