Dogecon Vancouver: an expression of acceptance

“This is an acceptance movement, not a resistance” – Gary Lachance

Gary Lachance at the State of the Decentralized Union Address. Photo by Doudou Hsueh

The city’s preeminent acceptance-movement model, Dogecon Vancouver, recently celebrated its second expression aimed at empowering humanity through conscious Decentralization.

Particularly mindful of “communities that have traditionally been marginalized,” Dogecon’s collaboration of interstellar delegates from all over the world met in Vancouver for a four-day onslaught of information and celebration with a central thesis surrounding one idea, Decentralization.   

With a plethora of events spanning over half a week in duration. Dogecon quite literally hosts something for everyone. Whether Crypto Speed Debates, Healing Moon Ceremonies, Cryptokitties Workshops or Puppy Parades Dogecon, Vancouver brilliantly manages much-needed conversation based around creating the ascension of a harmonious present (future), with an overall vibe of loving acceptance that is often fraught with silliness aimed at stripping the ego of its existing power.   

The epitome of Dogecon’s contrast in styles took place on Saturday night. After a two hour State of the Decentralized Union Address (Wosk Centre For Dialogue), hundreds of blockchain enthusiasts met with hundreds more of Tom and Gary’s Decentralized Dance Party practitioners (Vancouver Art Gallery) for a soiree spanning most of VanCity’s downtown core.

Far from focusing on cryptocurrency alone, delegates from around the globe met at the State of the Decentralized Union Address (loosely modelled after the annual message delivered to Congress by the President of the United States) and spoke on the Decentralization of a number of different industries and initiatives. Informative addresses geared towards both the presently submersed and the layman alike took aim at the Decentralization of areas such as off-grid construction, energy, water, agriculture, healthcare, transportation, communication, finance, property rights / tokenization, law / governance, gaming, education, access to information / IP, privacy, identity and reputation systems, shamanism, defence, and of course partying.

Photo by Doudou Hsueh

Each delegate at the State of the Decentralized Union Address was given a five-minute window to rally around and inform the masses about their area of expertise based on their respective specialty before the MC of the event, Gary Lachance, concluded the night with an impassioned and levity fueled pitch for the Doge or E-God (Doge spelled backwards). “The Doge teaches us that silliness is next to Godliness. That love can and will conquer all. And that our powers of manifestation are truly infinite.”

And while Decentralization dedicates itself to radical inclusion and loving thy neighbours, the fully emerged and recognized movement also teaches that “tribalism, animosity and infighting must stop.” A far cry from the present corporate governance, Decentralization is the voice of the people centred around transparency while coveting the notion that this new revolution “must be built on love and trust.”  

Faithful to the very end, Dogecon capped off its Saturday in style. Having mapped off the “parade route” the night before Tom and Gary’s Decentralized Dance Party (DDP) took the reigns (post State of the Decentralized Union) for the Decentralized Doge Party 2.0 delighting, confusing Vancouverites throughout the city’s entertainment district and beyond.

During the DDP, Lachance strapped a large transmitter to his back and centred himself in the midst of the hundreds of fun-loving partiers all looking to inspire smiles and good times out of the local community. Many of the continually moving party members carry an 80’s/90’s style ghetto blaster that has been synced up to a previously agreed upon radio signal (101.7 on Saturday night) which outputs Lachance’s choice of the most recognizable dance music spanning the last few decades. Boasting expressions of the limbonic arts in the Vancouver Courthouse pond (“How low can your Doge?”) as well as dancing under the building’s waterfall the DDP would take to parading down Granville Street and inside Waterfront Station. Several alleyways along with many Vancouver parking garages served as temporary host to the outlandishly hilarious event which managed to pick up many impromptu dancers along its long path.

Inspired by the at first perplexing notion that “partying can and will save the world” the DDP continue their revolution around the world with a contagious attractant so convincing that one begins to understand and agree with the DDP’s mission statement the longer one is exposed to its joyous undertaking.

Comprised of representatives from all niches of the global and borderless, Decentralization movement Dogecon Vancouver 2.0 was an overwhelming success. It will only serve to spread the message of inclusivity further while educating the masses on an approach to governance that can only help to affect some much-needed change in our current corporate culture.