Donna Missal’s Mystical New Single “Slide”


New Jersey native Donna Missal first electrified the blogosphere with her debut single “Keep Lying” that showcased her raw vocals. Musically she fits somewhere between the smoky pop softness of Lana Del Rey and the soulful strength of Amy Winehouse with an extra added grittiness that can only be described as Donna.

“I wrote the lyrics for ‘Slide’ as a reminder to myself to relax and not take everything so seriously and personally,” Donna says about this single.

Following her soulful jazz hit “The Keeper,” Donna’s newest track “Slide” is an intricate, smoky piece that defies and transcends genres.

The husky sexiness of her voice, sonically complex instrumentals, and the almost leisurely coolness she exudes will leave you wanting more from this sultry songstress.

“I would say that I’m very passionate and can get all in my feelings. when anyone listens to this little jam I hope it makes them feel good. sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is throw up your hands, breathe, brush your shoulders off and remember that it’s ok to have fun – no matter how imperfect the circumstances around you.”

Check out the new single ‘Slide’:

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