Dragonette puts the fun into Friday night

dragonette cover
Photo by Jennifer McInnis

Canadian darlings Dragonette never fail to put on a fun show, and their openers always complement their own performance. Keeping it homegrown and dancy, the electronic band put the beginning of the night in the hands of Vancouver’s Dirty Radio and fellow Toronto group Young Empires.

“Get to the front, people. We ain’t at a movie,” Dirty Radio’s lead singer Shaddy called out to the seated audience. “Star Wars doesn’t start for another week.”

The electro-R&B group had no trouble warming up the crowd, with spectacular drum breaks and seductive lyrics like in the twist-inducing song “Numbers”: “You’re making me want it. You better get on it,” Shaddy sang.

The majority of the Vogue audience pressed up against the stage, a small group of which were American men all dressed in plaid. The three friends came up from Washington just for the show. “You guys [Canadians] have great bands,” said the tallest one, a soldier on a much-needed weekend getaway. “I mean, these guys are really, really awesome. Who are they?” He was referring to Young Empires, long-time tour buddies Dragonette’s.

After so much music had already been played, it was hard to believe that we still had the main act left, and the audience was more than ready for a little “Hello”. Always a stunner in all her cheekboned stylish glory, Dragonette vocalist Martina Sorbara is a beloved pro. Dragonette don’t need anything flashy – no dancers or strobe lights. All they need is their signature gyrating electronic beat and Sorbara in front of the microphone.

“This is way trippier than any place we’ve played here. I feel fancy. I feel fancy!” Sorbara’s voice filled the auditorium as the crowd cheered.

This little tour is a special treat for Dragonette fans as the group has yet to complete their new album. It’s been three years since their most recent LP, Bodyparts, and since then Sorbara has been occupying her time with a few collaborations. Not having to promote a new album gave this show a really relaxed feel. The group – which also includes bassist/producer Dan Kurtz and drummer Joel Stouffer – enjoyed spewing their easily accessible and infectious dance anthem classics. “We only like you when you’re cute and young,” Sorbara recited on“Fixin to Thrill” with the help of the fans.

The trio seemed to have had the most fun with “The Right One”, which is easily one of their sexiest songs. At one point Sorbara played with the audience, trying to get them to sing along with her. “One more time, but in tune,” she said with a laugh.

From “Let the Night Fall” and “I Get Around” to “Let It Go”, Dragonette provided the signature sound their fans have come to expect. This impromptu tour – with Vancouver as one of its last stops – was a perfect way to plant excitement for the upcoming album.

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