Dreamy indie rockers bring life to the Biltmore Cabaret

Sales at the Biltmore Cabaret, 12/1/17

Indie minimalist band Sales quickly filled the Biltmore Cabaret with a crowd of loyal fans on Friday (Dec. 1) After releasing only one album, Sales has carved out an amazing following for its third show in Vancouver.

“This is the most people I’ve ever seen,” said lead singer Lauren Morgan, as fans squeezed in close to dance to her dreamy and soulful voice. Morgan added a little extra energy to every song as the crowd joined her in singing Sales’ increasingly well-known anthems.

The Orlando, Florida band definitely brought the heat, adding a new drummer to their live performance for the first time in Vancouver. Within the first few drum beats and smooth electric riffs, people instantly recognized the crowd favourites and cheered before any lyrics were sung. The new drummer added a strong beat that kept the crowd dancing as the show progressed. The only thing missing was crowd surfing.

Even after hits like “Trapped in a Club” and “Chinese New Year,” the crowd wanted even more, and Sales didn’t disappoint! Turning to their new material the band continued to build the crowd up, and closed off the night with new songs that have only been digitally released, like “Talk a Lot.” Without a second to spare, the crowd danced to the new tunes like the songs were old favourites. The youthful lyrics and soft voice of Morgan filled the crowd full of life that evening. Many first time listeners at the concert were blown away.

For guitarist and co-founding member Jordan Shih, it’s been a wild four years as the band’s manager and all around workhorse. He’s been instrumental in the success of the band. “Shout outs to my mom,” all three of them sang before starting the song “Best times.” Clearly their moms did something right, as the band now has some 30,000 followers on Soundcloud only a year after releasing their first album. He made it clear to fans how hard they work for moments like this, and the band followed through by playing their hearts out.

After the show, fans packed around the merchandise table to grab a vinyl of Sales’ only album, hoping desperately they will release a new album sooner than the three years it took them to release the first EP.