Electric Owl’s WHITE NOISE Launch Party a Bit Funk-ed Up

FEB14-BITFUNKThe lack of a traditional band on stage makes it difficult, as a writer, to observe an electronic performance. There is none. Not to diminish the creative merit of this particular type of music, but the onstage antics are hard to come by. A person stands behind a desk full of knobs and dials. A visual display hanging in the background serves as a hypnotist to both sober and drugged alike. The beat is interrupted periodically by a dude with a mic.

“How is everybody doin’ tonight? You doin’ GOOD? I CAN’T HEAR YOUUUUU!”

The beat continues. The crowd hollers. Limbs resume swaying as if they were dipped in honey: smooth and slow.

For Friday’s WHITE NOISE Launch Party at the Electric Owl, a new monthly event featuring the best in Nu Disco, Indie dance, and House, there was no visual backdrop to distract the dancers – nothing to keep them staring towards the front. Instead, people were milling about in search of the perfect floor space to bend their knees.

It was Valentine’s Day. Red lipstick, flowy dresses, buttoned shirts, and drunk, sad single men and women were abundant. Single and ready to mingle. Without any sort of visuals to write about, the only real subject matter to note (besides the music itself, obviously) was the crowd. The mix of dressed up and down, dateless and dated, shy and shitfaced, tight and loose. The stage served as a jungle gym for the shitfaced and loose, while the shy and dateless looked on in envy. Slowly, those too shy early in the night found courage growing as the liquid kept flowing. It didn’t take too long for the stage to be buzzing with wannabe club stars. This filled the room with party vibes from wall to wall, floor to ceiling. This wasn’t a concert, this was a motherfucking dance party!

WMNSTUDIES and Momantix played their beats for the masses filing through the front door. A cold, smokey queue formed outside, but was well worth the drunken conga line once inside. This type of music just pulls your cheeks apart, forcing a smile. Your legs bounce, and without warning, your shoulders start to shake. Maybe, if you’re as white as I am, your fingers start to twist and point and shoot fake love bullets at people, but I digress.

Nu Disco is a beautiful, contemporary improvement to the classic genre. Taking influence from so many different genres – disco, world beats, funk, jazz… – Nu Disco is incredibly universal. It speaks in the language of dance, infects your body and hijacks your limbs with a funky beat. Simply from the crowd’s reaction (heavy dancing aided by a woman named Molly, I’m sure) you could tell that all of the DJs were bringing their A-game to the Electric Owl.

Brooklyn DJ Bit Funk instantly brought me back to a James Murphy set I saw back at Rifflandia in September. Bongos were aplenty, people were sexier just by being there, and nothing could go wrong. Nu Disco isn’t about the sound of the music but the feeling it injects into your bones. If you can’t help but crank your neck and groove, you know a great DJ has just been found. Bit Funk has that ability.

WHITE NOISE, if anything like its premiere, will be a fantastic opportunity for Vancouverites to hit the dance floor for some music that’s hard to find in any of the common clubs. New DJs, friendly people, cheap drinks ($4.50 beers) – don’t come to WHITE NOISE for a show, come to party, come to mingle, come to drink, and most importantly, come to dance! Disco is back, and it doesn’t suck anymore.

Thomas Creery

Thomas Creery

I strive for strange, roll in weird, and study the eccentric. Keep on asking questions and you’re bound to find an answer; even though, it may not be the right one...for now. Favorite directors include: David Lynch, P.T. Anderson, and Quentin Tarantino.