Elliphant in ‘Couver, How To Live Life Golden


Saturday night at the Alexander Gastown marked the seventh stop on Elliphant’s North American tour and her first as a headlining act on the continent she now calls home. Despite the capacity turnout at Vancouver’s go-to hip hop venue, it was clear that Elliphant’s energy and style is suited for a festival or UK style rave environment; “Rave” not having the same negative connotations across the pond as is does here in North America.

Originally scheduled to be released in September of 2015 but pushed back to March 25th, of this year, the Swedish singer songwriter’s long awaited North American debut album Living Life Golden is full of hit making producers as well as a diverse array of featured artists.

The self described dirty girl’s set Friday night was anything but, as she and her DJ quickly cast their hypnosis over the female dominant Alexander Gastown crowd. Bouncing with zeal,  the unlikely burgeoning pop star opened up with the one-two punch of “Step Down” and “Down on Life”. The former being her opening song on much of the brief ten show North American teaser of a tour.

Frequently engaging in between song banter with the crowd, it was refreshing to hear the singer live in the moment with much of her one sided conversation. Often appearing to have subject matter previously outlined, the thinly framed Swede spoke from the heart through the thick accent of her native tongue and didn’t seem to be reciting anything verbatim or regurgitated from other stops along the way to Gastown like so many are guilty of.

Much the contrast from the long locks she has donned historically, Elliphant took the time to champion the generic umbrella of sports and sex while confidently displaying her new short hair, classic Run D.M.C. style Adidas track pants, and a sports bra as a top to perhaps cultivate a fresh image.

Whether a product stemming from Los Angeles, her vanity obsessed adopted home since recording the EP, One More in 2014, or her party girl reputation, Elliphant looked considerably smaller than the 135lbs portion of the 5”6, 135 pounds she is listed at online.

At no point seeming winded or out of breath during the hour and 11 minute performance, the ex-server / pub cook took multiple opportunities to get up close and personal with her crowd of adoring fans and share a moment dancing and singing shoulder to shoulder in their midst.

In fact, over the entire 12 song duration the 30 year old danced, jumped, shook and gyrated in front of her sole set piece, a giant Deadmaus looking inflatable white bear (Could have been a rat) that would light up, strobe, blink its eyes (through projection), and change colours with the music.

In the end Elliphant did a great job of fusing the influences she gained (Diplo, Skrillex, David Sitek, Big Freedia, David Guetta, Flosstradamus, Waka Flocka Flame, and MØ) from her March release Living Life Golden, as well as her lessons gained from her prior EPs Elliphant, and Look Like You Love It and UK exclusive LP A Good Idea.

Consistently under a red spotlight on stage and a proverbial spotlight in life one might wonder why on earth the nyctophobic rapper / synthpop / dancehall / electronic / trap / alternative hip hop / singer-songwriter would ever land on a name like Elliphant in the first place? Well, for starters it would have been considerably more challenging with her given birth name of Ellinor Miranda Salome Olovsdotter to get the place lit.

Elliphant Setlist:

  • Step Down
  • Down On Life
  • You Look Like You Love It
  • Stardust (WDL)
  • Living Life Golden
  • Where is Home
  • One More (Ft: )
  • Music Is Life
  • Love Me Badder
  • Player Run
  • Hit and Run
  • Spoon Me
  • All or Nothing (Ft: Diplo & Bunji Garlin
  • Revolusion
  • Club Now Skunk (Ft: Big Freedia)
  • Only Getting Younger
  • Too Original (Major Lazer)